San Diego Cadet Squadron 144
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First Steps

Step 1

We highly recommend three separate visits (not necessarily consecutive) for you to get more of a feel for what we do, and a meeting with our squadron staff (usually at your second meeting) so we can find out what you would like to do in CAP, and how we can best work together.

Step 2

After your second of three orientation meetings, you may print and fill out CAP Form 12, and will be given an FD-258 fingerprint card for mandatory fingerprinting. (Note: Livescan is not accepted for this procedure; the FD-258 that is given to you at the squadron base must be used.) Check with your local postal supplies store, police department, or sheriff’s office for fingerprinting locations and schedules.

Step 3

Once your application package is complete, mail it and your dues payment to the address on the National Headquarters page. Once received and processed, you will receive an email with your CAP ID, and a link to log in, upload a photo for your member card, and begin your training. You will receive a separate email from California Wing regarding your new email account.

Expedited Mail 

FedEx and UPS are both delivered directly to the National Headquarters building.   Priority Mail from the United States Postal Service may be delayed several days while it is routed through the Air Force base mail system.  

When your application is received at National Headquarters, it is date stamped and processed in order by the date it arrived.  You will receive an automated welcome email when the membership is processed.    

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