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Tango Flight

Tango Flight

Introduction to Tango Flight

Welcome to Tango Flight, your initial phase in the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) cadet program at San Diego Cadet Squadron 144. Over four weeks, you'll learn the essentials of cadet life, including drill, ceremonies, and character development. This fast-paced onboarding experience aims to integrate you into CAP, helping you find your passion, and setting you on the path to a rewarding cadet career.

Expectations in Tango Flight

  • Calldowns: Read and respond to weekly emails by 1600 every Friday. These contain meeting attendance confirmations and assignments.
  • Communication: Should any schedule conflicts arise, promptly inform the Tango flight staff.

Questions? Feel free to reach out to your flight staff for assistance.

Weekly Meeting Information

Meetings are held every Tuesday from 1830 to 2100 hours (6:30–9:00 PM). Each week focuses on a different aspect of the Cadet Program:

  • 1st Tuesday: Leadership
  • 2nd Tuesday: Aerospace
  • 3rd Tuesday: Physical Training (PT)
  • 4th Tuesday: Character Development
  • 5th Tuesday: Optional casual meetings (as scheduled)

Meeting Structure

  • Opening Formation
  • Drill
  • Break
  • Class (Topic of the Week)
  • General Meeting (Announcements, Promotions, etc.)
  • Closing Formation

Note: As a new member of Tango Flight, you'll initially focus on a specific curriculum designed to prepare you for joining the main squadron activities.

Tango Flight Uniform

Uniform requirements for Tango Flight are as follows:

Regular Meetings (1st, 2nd, 4th):

  • Black t-shirt (minimal logos)
  • Jeans (no rips or holes)
  • Black leather combat boots
  • Notebook and writing utensils
  • Dark-colored jacket (if needed)

3rd Meeting (PT):

  • Tan t-shirt (minimal logos, CAP logos acceptable)
  • Navy blue/black athletic shorts
  • White athletic socks
  • Tennis shoes
  • Water bottle

Promotion Requirements

Promotion within CAP requires completing various courses and classes. While attendance at meetings covers some requirements, significant work is to be done independently. Stay consistent with these courses to advance from Tango Flight into other flights.

Weekly Progress Updates: Keep us informed of your course completion status.

Phase 1 Requirements:

Phase 1 Requirements Completion Timeframe Course Access
Create eServices Account 2nd Day eServices Account Setup
OPSEC Training 2nd Day Automatically available upon first login
EO Training 2nd Day Navigate to Online Learning > Learning Management > Cadet Programs, select EO Training
CAWGCAP Microsoft Account 2nd Day Follow email instructions sent by CAWG
Cadet Welcome Course 1st Week Select Achievement in eServices > Axis to enroll
Learn to Lead Cadet Interactive Module 1 1st Week Select Achievement in eServices > Axis to enroll
Optional: Learn to Lead Test Module 1 1st Week Available under Honor Credit in eServices > Axis after completing the Interactive Module
Aircraft Ground Handling Course 2nd Week Choose from Course Catalog in eServices > Axis
Basic Risk Management 2nd Week Choose from Course Catalog in eServices > Axis
CAPT 116 General ES (General Emergency Services) 2nd Week Choose from Course Catalog in eServices > Axis

Study Resources

Drill Test Preparation for Promotion

Understanding the Drill Test:

  • You will undergo a drill test as part of your promotion requirements.
  • Reference Material: Review CAPP 60-34, pages 4-5 for detailed instructions on the Achievement 1 drill test. It’s important to understand the size of the flight and the specific tasks required for passing. Remember, tasks are tested in sequential order.

Resources for Drill Test Preparation:

  1. Cadet Drill Guide: A comprehensive guide to help you learn the movements.
  2. CAPP 60-33 Drill Manual: Your primary reference for drill procedures.
  3. CAPP 60-34 Drill and Ceremonies Practical Tests: Specific guidelines for your drill test.

Seeking Assistance:

  • If you need clarification or assistance with any material, don't hesitate to ask fellow cadets or flight staff during your Tuesday meetings. Our goal is to support you throughout your CAP journey.

Memory Work

The purpose of memory work is to help you develop self-discipline. To promote from Tango Flight, you have to know the Cadet Oath. As you continue to be promoted to other ranks, you will continue to learn the rest of the memory work. 

Feel free to ask for help and guidance during your journey in CAP. We are here to support and facilitate your growth and success in the program. Welcome to Tango Flight!

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