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sUAS Qualifications Guide

sUAS Qualifications Guide

Getting Started

  1. Attend ICUT session - a prerequisite for the sUAS program.
  2. Consider pursuing sUAS Technician (UAST) rating first as it overlaps with sUAS Mission Pilot (UASMP) training.

Prerequisite Classes for sUAST

Complete the following in Learning Management System (AXIS):

  • GES - General Emergency Services
  • Aircrew Professionalism Course
  • CAPT 117 ES Continuing Education Exam Part 1
  • CAPT 117 ES Continuing Education Exam Part 2
  • ICUT - Introductory Communications User Training

FEMA Setup and Classes

  1. Sign up for a FEMA Student Identification Number (SID) here.
  2. Access the EMI student portal on FEMA here.

Complete the following FEMA classes:

eServices - Operations Qualifications/SQTR Tasks

Follow the steps outlined in the email to access the SQTR tasks page and submit FEMA certificates.

Familiarization and Preparatory Training (Fam & Prep)

  1. Attend sUAST Fam & Prep training, offered online every couple of months.
  2. Attend sUAS mission aircrew school or multiple training events to complete advanced training and mission participation exercises.

Contact Information

Capt. Daniel Balderston - (Group 7, Orange County)

Additional Notes

  • Consider getting a drone and developing your skills if pursuing UASMP rating.
  • Complete prerequisites and Fam & Prep to attend the aircrew school.
  • Reach out to Cadet Staff Sgt. Sebastian Wheeler for further assistance.

sUAS Mission Pilot (UASMP) Requirements

Before starting advanced training for UASMP rating:

  1. Own a drone
  2. Log 4 hours of flying time
  3. Pass the FAA Part 107 examination
  4. Complete a Form 5U checkride

Progression from UAST to UASMP

  1. Complete UAST training, gaining a thorough understanding of UASMP requirements.
  2. Work on UASMP requirements simultaneously while completing UAST rating.

Tips and Suggestions

  • Start with the UAST rating to become familiar with the sUAS program and requirements.
  • Attend the sUAS Mission Aircrew School for a more efficient and comprehensive training experience.
  • Actively work on prerequisites and attend Fam & Prep to ensure eligibility for the aircrew school.
  • Seek guidance and assistance from experienced members like Cadet Staff Sgt. Sebastian Wheeler.

Additional Resources

  1. FAA Part 107 Summary
  2. Civil Air Patrol - Unmanned Aircraft Systems


Though the process may seem daunting at first, obtaining your sUAS qualifications is a rewarding and valuable accomplishment. Take advantage of the resources and guidance available to you, and reach out to experienced members for support along the way. Good luck with your sUAS journey!

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