San Diego Cadet Squadron 144
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Goals for new Senior Member

New Senior Member Goals

Goal   Goal Date Actual Date
Establish Eservice Account (2nd Day)    
OPSEC Training (2nd Day)    
California Wing Microsoft Account (1st Week)    
L1 Cadet Protection (1st Week)    
L1 Diversity EO and Nondiscrimination (1st Week)    
L1 Expectations of Volunteer (1st Week)    
L1 Mission Overview (2nd Week)    
L1 Customs and Courtesies (2nd Week)    
L1 Introduction To Eservice (2nd Week)    
L1 My Mentor (2nd Week)    
L1 Introduction To Chain Of Command (3rd Week)    
L1 Introduction To Risk Management (3rd Week)    
L1 Core Values And Who We Are (3rd Week)    
L1 My Learning Path And Plan (3rd Week)    
L1 Operational And Cyber Security (4th Week)    
L1 The Squadron Meeting (4th Week)    
L1 CAP Uniforms And Where To Get Them (4th Week)    
Select Path for Level 2 Training (4th Week)    


  1. Eservice Account: Register for an account

  2. OPSEC: Log into EService, it will be the only thing you can access.

  3. California Wing Microsoft Account: Setup email sent by CAWG. After setup, update the email in eservice.

    How to Update Contact (Email and Phone Number)

    • Log in Eservice
    • Go to Three Gears (upper right corner next to name), scroll to Contacts
    • Click Edit to update information (List email and phone number for both parents)
    • Save New Contacts
  4. Start Level 1 training courses: Goal to complete Level 1 within 30 days from membership approval.

    How to Select Courses in AXIS (Level 1 Training)

    • Log in Eservice
    • Go to Menu, scroll to Online Learning
    • Open Learning Management System
    • Click on Arrow, Go To AXIS
    • In grey banner, go over to Level 1 or Cadet Sponsor Training
    • Open course, then Enroll for each; close window until you are ready to complete this course
    • All courses will be available to open in the Main Portal after you enroll in all courses
    • Stay focused and work on one course at a time.
  5. Select Path for Level 2 Training

    How to Select Path (Level 2 Part 1 Training)

    • Log in Eservice
    • Go to Menu, scroll to Professional Development
    • Open Learning Management System
    • Scroll to Professional Levels
    • Open Professional Levels
    • Select Level (Right Side Select One) Level 1
    • Go to Level 1 Group 6 To select Path for Level 2
    • Choose which one fits you best: Cadet, Military, New, or Professional
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